Terms of Service

All the legal stuff.We try to make all our policies as clear,fair,and readable as possible.
Please read them carefully as it is important for you to know this information.

Safe and Secure

We ensure proper encryption and security of your data. We will neither sell nor share your information as it is against our policy.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a full refund to users who are generally unsatisfied with our services after the first 30 days. This is a sure sign of how much confidence we have in the quality of service we provide.

Cancel Time

You don't sign any contracts, and there are no penalties for cancelation. You are free to use, cancel and come back anytime.

Trusted Company

Over the years, we have assisted numerous employers in getting skilled employees. Thus helping many employees in getting full and part-time jobs.

We invite you to carefully go through these Terms of Service of our website (Remotesource.com) as they cover you on your rights and obligations. Your subscription to services and use of the site is governed by these Terms of Service of Recruit Suite LLC, MN 55416. 1.320.298.4374, 1716 Fireman's Lodge Rd SW

Alexandria, MN 56308. You are to be governed by these Terms of Service which are amended with or without your notice regularly every time you use our website. If it is the case that you are representing a company or any legal entity, you are signifying that the authority to bind such company to these Terms of Service is present with you so that whenever the term ‘you or ‘you're' is used, it would mean the company you are representing. Do not use our website if you are not agreeing with these Terms of Service or are not having such authority. Please also check our Privacy Policy.

  1. Our service

    1. We use an “AS IS” basis when making our services and website available to you. You understand and agree that it is the exclusive right of Remotesource.com to temporarily or permanently delete your data, change or stop this website and its services at any time without notifying you and any legal responsibilities to you.

    2. You will agree that these Terms of Service govern the inclusion of any new features, content, and services except otherwise stated openly.

    3. Your only option when any change in the service is not acceptable to you. Then canceling of your subscription is the only option. It will only mean that you agree to the changes made to our website and services if you continue using the services after our post of the changes.

  2. Your Responsibility And Registration Obligations

    You have to register on our website, be at least 18 years old, agree to be truthful in giving the requested information and follow the procedure in “Order/Pricing for purchase as stated in clause five below for you to buy the Service. You are openly agreeing to be bound by these Terms of Service (which may be modified by us subsequently) when registering.

  3. Privacy Policy

    The terms of our Privacy Policy restrict our collection of all personally identifiable information and registration data.

  4. Service Account And Password

    1. Concerning the payment of the price stated in Clause 5.1, we make available our service to you through a Service Account.

    2. Concerning Clause 5.4, after your payment receipt, Remotesource.com will use your name in creating a Service Account which gives you access to the service concerning these Terms of Service.

    3. About these Terms of Service, you will get an individual password to access your Service Account after receipt of payment.

    4. The maintenance of the confidentiality of your password, authorized or unauthorized use via your password are solely your responsibility. You agree to report any unauthorized use of your password or Service Account immediately.

    5. Always sign out after using our website when accessing your Service Account from a public computer.

    6. Only one Service Account is allowed to be created by you and its access and use is solely your responsibility. Also, you agree that you are the sole recipient of the Service provided via your Service Account. NOTE: Recruiting agencies are included. You can only use our services to hire workers for your own company and not for a third party or another client.

    7. You will agree that you will be breaching these terms and conditions by granting others access to your password and Service Account and with respect to Clause 10, Remotesource.com has the right to discontinue this Agreement.

    8. Generally, delivery to your account takes about 10 minutes after your order. But, this may vary because of unforeseen or exceptional situations and be aware that this delivery time given is just an approximation.

    9. Please get in touch with us via mail to Remotesource.com, 1.320.298.4374, 1716 Fireman's Lodge Rd SW Alexandria, MN 56308 or [email protected] if you have any complaints or still unable to access your account 30 minutes after accepting your order

  5. Prices And Payment

    1. The prices are exactly what is stated on the website at the time and date you purchased the service. The service price may change before your order for a subscription is placed. We ensure the accuracy of the prices displayed on our website, validation of the price on your order is also part of our acceptance procedure. You will be notified if the amount in your order is lesser than the service price and you may choose to cancel or continue with the order.

    2. The prices on our website are displayed in US Dollars.

    3. Taxes are included in all the prices displayed.

    4. Only full payment is accepted. Also, it is only when we receive cleared funds can we acknowledge payment was made.

    5. Payment must be made using debit or credit card at the time of order when placing an order via the website. Discover, MasterCard, Visa Card and American Express are all accepted by us.

    6. Payment via fax or mail is not accepted by us.

    7. You agree and confirm the correctness of all information provided by you in purchasing the service. Obtaining validation of the details of your debit or credit card before providing you the service is part of our reserved rights.

    8. Any of your placed order may be rejected by us.

  6. Refunds

    You agree that we don't guarantee cash back for all our services. Nonetheless, with respect to our guarantee of 100% satisfaction, customers with a legitimate complaint about our site would be refunded. Refunds are only the most recent subscription, and no refund will be made for payment older than one month. Each customer is entitled to just one refund.

  7. License Grants And Restrictions

    1. In accordance with our Terms of Service, you will get non-transferable, non-exclusive rights to services provided by Remotesource.com for your personal and business needs only. Remotesource.com reserve all rights not openly granted to you.

    2. You agree that the service provided is meant to be used by you and you alone and without using any automated means such as robotic tools. Except those Remotesource.com has expressively granted permission to use.

    3. It is prohibited for you to (1) attempt any unauthorized access to the service or its related networks; (2) store or send materials containing Trojan horses, software viruses, worms or other dangerous computer programs, scripts code or files; or (3) disrupt or interfere with the performance or integrity of the data contained or the service itself.

  8. Intellectual Property Ownership

    All title, interest, and rights including intellectually related property rights counting trademarks, service marks, trade names, rights to domain names, know-how, unpatented inventions, patent applications, patents, rights to design, copyrights and other rights to trade secrets, and other methods of protection similar to this around the world. All other rights to intellectual property, in and to the technology of Remotesource.com (including imperceptible technical information or material, know-how, hardware, designs, processes, techniques, products, user interfaces and algorithms) and service along with any information provided by you or other service-related party, feedback, ideas, suggestions and requests for improvement are owned by Recruit Suite LLC solely (and where applicable, its licensors). Also, this Terms of Service does not convey or sell any right of ownership related to or the Remotesource.com technology, Remotesource.com rights to intellectual property or the service. Recruit Suite LLC or third parties own the product names associated with the service, the Remotesource.com name, and the Remotesource.com logo and any right or license to use them has not been granted.

  9. 3rd Party Ownership Of Intellectual Property

    We permit the advertisement and availability of third-party goods and services on this website. You may buy goods and services from such third-parties, take part in their promotions or enter into an agreement with them. However, we strongly acknowledge that any warranties, conditions, terms, representations related to such activity or the activity itself is between you and the involved third-party solely. Furthermore, no site linked through the service on the internet is endorsed by Remotesource.com. Remotesource.com will be no way responsible for the products, materials or other contents available on the sites related to the links it provides only for convenience and at your discretion.

  10. Terminations

    1. You may terminate your subscription for any purchased service by simply canceling your subscription irrespective of the reason. All you need do is log in to your Paypal account, check your history for the "subscription creation" line item and click it. Finally, click the "unsubscribe" button.

      The cancellation of recurring subscriptions is the sole responsibility of the end user. You can also send cancellation requests via email, however, note that your subscription is not canceled if you don't receive a confirmation email of your cancellation from us.

    2. You will still have access to the service for the remaining time you’ve paid for after cancellation.

    3. Remotesource.com considers any unauthorized use or breach in payment obligations a breach to this Terms of Service. Also, any violation of this Terms of Service will result in Remotesource.com either terminating your use of the service, password or service account in its discretion.

    4. Our choice of discontinuing the service, any of its features or terminating this agreement for any reason is part of our reserved right.

    5. There won't be a refund of unexpired subscription in the situation stated in Clause 5.3.

    6. You agree to delete all output of the service in your control or possession upon termination of this agreement.

    7. No rights and obligations exist between you and Remotesource.com upon the termination of this agreement.

    8. You agree that you solely have the right to access the services provided by Remotesource.com via your service account. Remotesource.com reserves the right to seek civil losses and damages that may arise as a result of your shared access with a third party.

  11. Indemnification

    You agree that we, our co-branders, advertisers, subsidiaries, partners, agents, affiliates, employees, related parties, directors and independent contractors are not to be held responsible for any demand or claim including fees for attorney made most likely by a third party, as a result of your violation of these Terms of Service, conduct or association with this service or website. That or any other violation of the parties or persons ‘rights.

  12. Disclaimers Of Warranties

    1. You agree that it is at your own risk to use this website and other services provided. This website and other services are provided ‘as is,' and we disclaim categorically, any implied or expressed warranties, which include but are not restricted to the warranties of merchantability, non-infringement, and suitability for a specific purpose.

    2. We do not warranty secure, error-free, uninterrupted, a particular quality, accurate, virus-free, timely, reliable service nor safe download of any content.

  13. Internet Delays

    You will agree that delays, limitations and other issues associated with internet and electronic communication usage may affect the services. Given this, any delivery failure, delays or different types of damages resulting from them will not be the responsibility of Remotesource.com

  14. Limitation Of Liability

    We expressively stated that it is the exact amount you paid for the 12 months that passed before the accident that resulted in a claim that will be our total liability or even less as we will not exceed that amount. Please understand that consequential, indirect, exemplary, indirect, special or any type of damage such as damages for use, loss of profit, data, goodwill or other small loss (irrespective of whether we are aware that such damages are likely to happen), due to (I) any third party conduct or statements on the service, (II) access to or alteration to your data transmissions that is not authorized, (III) use or inability to make use of the service, (IV) cost of getting alternative goods and/or services as a result of any transaction associated with the service, or (V) any other of this service related issues shall not be our responsibility.

  15. Additional Rights

    The above exclusions may not cover you if liability limitation or implied warranties for consequential, accidental or some kinds of damages are not excluded in your state and jurisdiction.

  16. Local Laws

    If you are using the service outside the United States of America, you bear the responsibility of following the applicable laws such as regulations guiding importation and exportation and other laws of your country. Also, you cannot buy some services if it is prohibited to make them or any part available to you or in your jurisdiction (based on residence, nationality, etc.).

  17. Notices

    1. You shall receive notices via the email address you used when registering or ordering or send notices to us via email at [email protected]

    2. It is regarded that a notice is received three days after the notice was posted or if an email is received in full (or the next working day if the notice was received on a public holiday or weekend).

  18. Applicable Law

    The Minnesota law is what governs and construes this Terms of Service and any other issues that result from using this website or our service irrespective of whether they conflict the provisions of any law. You agree and subject yourself totally to the exclusive jurisdiction of Remotesource.com and its venue city headquarters when you register or use this website or service.

  19. Miscellaneous Information

    1. When there is a conflict between these Terms of Service and any law under which any provision will be upheld by a court whose boundaries cover both parties, following applicable law, such provisions will be seen as the original intention of both parties.

    2. That either party is unable to declare with assurance any right under these Terms of Service does not mean the right does not affect.

    3. The time frame to file any claim or cause that may result from this website or services rendered is one year after which it is null and void except where there is a contrary law.

    4. These Terms of Service are what we use in defining our rights and duties and will not extend or cross the boundary of these duties.

    5. The whole agreement between you and Remotesource.com is contained in these Terms of Service which reigns over all previous written or oral agreements, negotiations or discussions between the parties on the main subject of this context.