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Thanks for taking the time to learn about RemoteCo Privacy policies.It's important stuff.
This is where you'll find information about how we protect your privacy, so take the time to read them carefully.


The most important thing to take out of here is that we care about your privacy and as such, under no circumstance will we rent or sell your private information. Also, we do send unsolicited email (spam).

By agreeing to make use of this website, it implies that you have read and agreed to the use of your personal information by within the provision of this Privacy Statement.


Our website requires users to register to make use of the services on our website by providing us with personally identifiable information which includes; name, address, telephone number, credit card details, institution affiliation, telephone number, date of birth or checking account number. collects these details and are to be used to facilitate smooth, business transactions and fantastic customer satisfaction. Note that we will never trade, exchange, rent, sell or transfer your personal information to any third party.


Your credit card details are not stored in our servers for security reasons. Your credit card details are encrypted and stored by our payment gateway provider; and


We do not exchange, sell, rent or transfer your email address to anyone. Your emails will only be used as a medium of communication between and our website users. The communication could be in the form of:

  • Notification e-mails, to which a user may subscribe or unsubscribe.

  • Transactional e-mail, which provides details of transactions initiated or concluded with

  • Relationship e-mail, which is sent to our customers as a result of our relationship with the individual customer. It usually contains informational service information.

  • Commercial e-mail, which we send to clients to promote a new or existing product, which we believe may be of interest to the individual client. You have the option to opt out of this at any time.

  • Communication is usually in response to an inquiry initiated by an customer.

All emails that have the “opt-out” option would also contain steps on how to do so. All subscription-based inquiry emails should be forwarded to customer service (see contact information below) may also send customers the occasional promotional or informational materials. You can, at any time, decide to opt out of all, none, or only emails by reaching out to the Customer Support (see Contact Information below).


We may also collect non-personally associated information such as:

  • HTTP cookies

  • Website navigation

  • Browser-related information

  • The IP address of a computer

We may make use of this information for research and development purposes, as well as facilitating restricted website services.


IP addresses to aid in the general administration of It is also used specifically to verify access rights of the licensed subscriber on our platform.


This is a piece of information stored in either your computer's hard drive or memory. We make use of these cookies to track user session identity on our site, for instance, maintaining access to restricted service or tracking items in a shopping cart. We also use it to keep track of various services on our website. Web browsers generally have disabled cookies feature; however, for you to have access to certain website services that require login information; you have to enable cookies.


We are under no obligation to monitor the website. It uses or retain the content of any user session; however, we do reserve all rights to monitor, assess, disclose or maintain any information when necessary as applicable to the laws, regulations, and governments request legal process or to the corporate law enforcement as well as other authorized personnel investigating claims of criminal or illegal activities. When necessary, we may make use of the user IP to identify a user to protect our website, services, and community of users.


To facilitate business transactions, makes use of third-party intermediaries for services such as data gathering, credit card validation, etc. we provide these companies with your personal information only to assist in executing the user-specific transactions only. Whenever you feel this policy has been violated, feel free to contact (see information below).


This privacy statement addresses the use and disclosure of the information collects from you and not of any other website. At certain times, we may have links to different third-party websites on our website. We are not in any way responsible for the content, privacy or experience you have with these sites. Any information provided by you to those third-party websites is subject to the privacy policy of those websites. We encourage our website users to seek clarification on specific issues before disclosing any sensitive or personal data to any of these websites.


We do all we can to guarantee the protection of information provided to; however, it is important that you understand that no information transferred or provided over the Internet is 100% safe. For this reason, we cannot promise 100% information protection. Any information transmitted via our online platform is at your own risk. We will not be liable for the wrong usage of this information by third parties. That said, we always strive to ensure that we offer our users the best we can to ensure their data is always safe and that includes carefully selecting third-party websites we choose to disclose your information to.


We treat all information provided to us with the utmost care and discretion. We will always take proactive actions to ensure that all information provided to us is kept safe


If you need clarification on any part of this privacy statement, or you wish to know more about the services and practices of, contact our customer support service via email at [email protected], or you could post us a regular mail at:
1716 Fireman's Lodge Rd SW
Alexandria, MN 56308

Do check back from time to time for updates to this Privacy Statement. We reserve the right to make adjustments, change, removal or new inclusions to this Privacy Statement.