Followerwonk is a program that allows users to check the analytics of their twitter accounts. You can use this tool to get important data about your Twitter account and then optimize your marketing strategy in order to get the maximum results. It enables you to work effectively towards increasing your followers and their engagement levels as well as greater influencer outreach.

It has features for you to search Twitter bios along with an advanced search, ability to compare twitter accounts, analyze data, and sort your followers. Followerwonk has data on the most active times for followers, which makes it easy to make business decisions based on the data. It also integrates with Buffer so you can schedule postings of tweets at the most popular times.

It also allows you to analyze post interactions, which is important for users because when your follower count grows, the usage trends change.

One of the best things about Followerwonk is the fact that it’s really easy to use. All you have to do is put your Twitter username, and it will provide you with the data related to that username. You will get the information nicely organized under several tabs. The basic version of the app is free. There are additional upgrades you can purchase to get more features.

Followerwonk pricing has three subscription plans: Connect, Target, and Multitask. The main differences between the plans include the number of profiles, Twitter searches per day, and daily analysis, as well as access to premium features such as follower losses/gains, in-app, follow/unfollow, follower sorting, and more.


Followerwonk is a web-based platform that allows you to do analytics on any Twitter account. It is useful to find, analyze as well as optimize your social networks to help them grow.



Graphical representation of data

Provides a way to compare several Twitter users

Allows you to search for Twitter users based on a keyword


Supports only Twitter

Lack of push notifications with partner apps

Limit on the number of followers that can be sorted

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