BuzzStream is a widely used online platform that acts as a relationship manager for a user’s outreach targets. It’s a great digital marketing program that helps the users with their link building process. BuzzStream allows the marketers to find relevant influencers for promoting their content and linking with the relevant audience.

Marketers know that building high-quality links is a very difficult task, which is only getting more difficult with every passing day due to the changing algorithms of search engines. BuzzStream expedites the process of building links.

BuzzStream has many different tools that allow users to personalize their outreach. It also allows the users to be able to keep track of their emails to influencers and to schedule the follow-up emails. BuzzStream also features a variety of reporting tools allowing users to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

BuzzStream can be broken down into four different stages of each outreach campaign. These include research, email, managing, and reporting. You can organize your company’s outreach by creating different projects, adding notes & tags, and assigning different contacts to different people in your team. You can review the contact information of a website and use it to email the website’s owner in order to pitch your proposition.

BuzzStream has four different paid subscriptions. The first one is Starter, the second one is Group, the third one is Professional, and the fourth one is Custom. The major differences in these plans include the number of users and contacts, prospecting searches, and discovery results. You can also get access to some premium features in certain plans. These features include email tracking, reporting the team’s performance, sending bulk emails, and a dedicated account manager.


Building high-quality links is a very hard and time-consuming task that is only becoming harder with the various changes in search engine algorithms. Buzzstream has been specifically designed to make it easier to build high-quality links and make the entire process more efficient.



Great for massive outreach

Allows multiple campaings

Starter plan is affordable for SMB


Tends to run slow

Can be overwhelming at first

Discover is only available on Twitter

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